Student Learning and Success

Student Learning and Success

Palmer College educates successful chiropractors.

It’s increasingly common for chiropractors to work alongside medical doctors, physical therapists, nurses and other members of health-care teams, as well as provide patient care in diverse settings. In order to equip our students for success, Palmer provides diverse and integrative clinical-training experiences.

Recent initiatives have significantly expanded training opportunities for students, with more planned for the future. As the founding and largest college of chiropractic, Palmer continues to recruit and train more evidence-based practitioners than any other chiropractic institution in the world.


Recruiting into the Future

Investing in a doctor of chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic is a life-changing commitment. Thanks to new marketing initiatives launched this year, prospective students now have more tools than ever to immerse themselves in the Palmer experience as they make their decision to attend Palmer.

  • New virtual-reality video playlists offer a 360-degree look at campus facilities, and exciting campus-visit videos showcase our three campuses.
  • An online video guide highlights the Palmer experience, student profiles, alumni stories and other videos.
  • An enhanced social media strategy supports our approach of providing an up-close look at the many reasons Palmer is the best place to earn a doctor of chiropractic degree.
  • A new behavior-based email campaign will responsively nurture students through the decision-making process as they consider Palmer College.

All these new resources are designed to help prospective students understand the unmatched value of a Palmer degree and move through their decision-making process with confidence.








Helping Students Save Time and Tuition

In 2018-19, we focused on removing barriers to enrollment. One way we achieved this was by growing our list of educational agreements. Palmer now has formal 3+1 agreements with 53 colleges and universities across the United States.

3+1 agreements enable students to earn dual credit for their first year of the Doctor of Chiropractic program. Up to 30 credits from Palmer’s D.C. program also are applied to their undergraduate degree, reducing the time and cost of degree completion by up to one full year.

Another way we've removed enrollment barriers is through a new D.C. Prep Fast Track program. Offered on Palmer’s main campus, the D.C. Prep Fast Track program ensures incoming students have the science background they need to meet the rigorous demands of Palmer’s chiropractic education.

Applicants from a wide range of disciplines apply to the D.C. degree program, and many of them need science credits. The D.C. Prep Fast Track program allows students to earn 15 of the 24 required science prerequisites in just one trimester. This affordable solution helps incoming students fulfill their science prerequisite needs and seamlessly transition into the D.C. program.


Growth in Student-Training Experiences

Palmer College now holds academic affiliations with 30 VA hospitals and Department of Defense sites—a 20 percent increase over the previous year. Palmer began creating VA/DoD affiliations in 2007. Since then, approximately 160 students from our three campuses have participated in rotations.

Palmer also recently formed a partnership with the Medical College of Wisconsin which will offer students another opportunity to hold a preceptorship in an integrated, multidisciplinary setting. In 2018, Palmer placed approximately 472 student interns in preceptorship programs with organizations, institutions and private practices around the world.

In addition to these opportunities, an increasing number of students participate in clinic marketing and public-relations efforts. The Clinics on Palmer’s three campuses have numerous affiliations with local sports teams and organizations such as the Quad City Storm hockey team, Quad Cities River Bandits baseball team, Bethune Cookman University Wildcats Athletic Department, Daytona Tortugas baseball team and the San Jose State University Rugby Club, to name a few.

Clinic interns also have numerous opportunities to represent the Palmer Clinics at local health fairs and community educational events. Participation in these activities provides students with valuable skills to help them succeed after graduation.


Expanded Student-Research Opportunities

The Research Honors program allows students to design and complete a faculty-mentored research project. This unique program gives students opportunities to experience research and enhance their educational experience during their time at Palmer.

Last year the Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research set out to provide expanded student-research experiences. In 2018-2019, 23 students across the College participated in the Research Honors program, of which nine earned Research Honors while the others continue to work on their projects.

Matthew Kneiper, D.C. and Morgan Cark, D.C., pictured below, are two recent graduates who took part in the Palmer Research Honors program. Matthew was mentored by Judy Bhatti, D.C., M.S., D.H.Ed. and Elissa Twist, D.C., M.S. Morgan was mentored by Carol Parnell-Prevost, D.C.

“I recommend students get involved with the Research Honors program as it has afforded me such personal growth,” said Matthew Knieper, D.C. (Main, ’19).“This experience will have a long-lasting impact on my future career as a chiropractor.”

“Not only do you receive the award and accolades, but you also start to understand how to use the research,” says Morgan Cark, D.C. (Florida ’19). “It provides so much knowledge to the profession, and to other professions, letting them know what we have going on in our offices!”

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