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Accessing the Scientific Literature

Grow your knowledge

Search high-quality chiropractic-related articles, scientific journal databases and learn how to use push services.

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World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) Suggested Reading List
Search top articles organized by conditions, guidelines, safety, mechanisms, profession and more.

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Journal Search Engines
Link to the most comprehensive scientific databases to find articles relevant to your patients.

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Relevant Scientific Journals
Subscriptions aren't necessary to sign up on journal websites to receive the table of contents for each issue. If the journal is not open-access, articles are available for purchase through Palmer's library.

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Research Journal Push Services
Pick which topics you’re interested in and the journal's push service will send articles straight to your inbox.

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Recently Published Articles
PCCR faculty and staff curate this list of recent, relevant published articles from a variety of authors.

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Critical Appraisal Practice Modules

  • Learn how to build a clinical question to help you search PubMed and other scientific databases.
  • After you have identified articles to answer your clinical question, you will want to appraise them to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Critically appraising an article assesses the usefulness and validity of the findings and whether or not you can apply the research into your clinical practice.
  • We have provided instructions for how to approach the appraisal process for different types of articles.
  • For training purposes, we present clinical scenarios with selected articles as well as worksheets that outline a systematic method of critical appraisal.
  • Completed worksheets are also included as examples so you can check your answers as you develop your skills.

Evidence in Action Articles

Search and read relevant, short articles written for clinicians by clinicians on topics and conditions you'll find right in your own clinic. Reprinted with permission from the American Chiropractic Association,

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