Labs and Facilities

Laboratory Animal Resource Facility

The Laboratory Animal Resource Facility provides general animal care services related to basic science research projects. It operates under the guidance of the Palmer Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and maintains an animal facility meeting the highest standards of animal care. Licensed and inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture and the Iowa Department of Agriculture, the Laboratory Animal Resource Facility assures that the care and use of animals is scientifically, technically and humanely appropriate.

Neurophysiology Lab

The neurophysiology laboratory at the Davenport Campus has the space and equipment necessary to conduct sophisticated studies of the nervous system and its function. The 500-square-foot laboratory is equipped with a refrigerator, bench-top space, cupboards, water, sink, gas, vacuum, pressurized air and vacuum hoods. The lab also has a surgical microscope, amplifier, audiometer, small animal ventilator, CED data acquisition system, digital oscilloscope, electronic stimulator, blood gas analyzer, force feedback motor and other equipment.

Research Clinic Facility

The Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research clinic is a 2,700-square-foot facility that includes consultation, exam and treatment rooms, offices, an X-ray suite and a clinical biomechanics laboratory. Patient parking is available next to the clinic entrance.The primary mission of Palmer’s Research Clinic is to conduct high-quality chiropractic clinical research. The experienced staff is committed to making sure participants thoroughly understand all aspects of involvement in a study and our skilled doctors of chiropractic carefully provide high-quality care in a research setting.

Technique Assessment Facility (West Campus)

The Technique Assessment Facility on the West Campus includes a large laboratory space, which houses two specialized adjusting tables, surface EMG equipment and other equipment used in reliability and validity studies. There is also an ancillary area used as a waiting room for research study participants.

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