Student Research Program

The Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research is dedicated to conducting innovative, significant, high-quality research. We also are dedicated to training students who are interested in the advancement of public health through research.

We train students in two ways: through a two-year, 36-credit-hour master's degree in clinical research on Palmer's Davenport Campus, and through our Research Honors Program for Doctor of Chiropractic students on all of Palmer's campuses.

Research Honors Program

The Research Honors Program gives students the opportunity to experience research and enhance their educational experience while in the Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) program. It allows them to design and complete a faculty-mentored research project.

Research Honors Program Goals

  • Encourage students who desire an expanded educational experience to participate in research.
  • Foster an appreciation for research.
  • Provide mentorship to students in research methodologies.
  • Expose students to the possibility of a research career.
  • Inform interested students of research training opportunities.
  • Encourage and recognize meritorious research scholarship.

If interested, contact the Research Honors Program Coordinator for program information and guidance.

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Student Research Program

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