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Early Alert Response System (ears) referral

Are you worried about one of our students?

Students today face increasing pressures that can lead to emotional distress, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and even thoughts of suicide. As faculty and staff, we can take small steps that make a big difference. Be prepared to lead real-life conversations with students that build resilience, strengthen relationships and connect them with support.

If you would like to refer a concern to the College for support with a Student, you may submit a referral using the Palmer College Early Alert Response System (EARS) Form.
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The Early Alert Response System (EARS) is designed to proactively identify at-risk student behaviors. The referral signals to the EARS team that a student may be experiencing academic and/or personal issues that require attention and assistance. It also allows you to refer students who appear to be exhibiting unusual or problematic behaviors, including but not limited to, poor performance on exams, poor attendance/chronic absenteeism, anxiety and overwhelm, disruptive behavior, and ethics behavior

What Should You Do?

  • File an EARS referral as soon as you notice the problematic behavior.

The Benefits of a Referral

  • This proactive step will ensure behaviors are interrupted and situations are less likely to escalate, as well as give students access to timely information about support services available to them (tutoring and personal counseling for example), financial aid policies, withdrawal and drop dates.

What Happens After Your Referral?

  • Your report is reviewed by designated college officials who can intervene and offer the student academic or other assistance as required by the situation. There is an academic, behavioral and crisis intervention team. A member of the appropriate team may contact you for more information about the situation, event, or behaviors observed. They may ask you to forward emails or provide other documentation to a designated EARS contact person. EARS referrals are maintained as confidential information except where disclosure is required by law or is necessary to facilitate appropriate interventions.

The College strictly prohibits retaliation or reprisal of any kind against any individual who has referred a concern.

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Be informed in case of an emergency on campus.

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