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Report a Complaint

Report a Complaint (Students)

Report an Issue, Complaint, Incident or Concern here: Report a Complaint


Resolution processes are unique to the type of complaint, the person (i.e. student, staff, faculty) against whom the complaint is directed, and the level of due process required to resolve a complaint.  Accordingly, complaints are directed to the jurisdiction of the appropriate process recognized by the College.  A student wishing to resolve a complaint is encouraged to consider informal and/or formal resolution processes offered by the College.

Informal Resolution

An informal resolution process entails presenting a complaint to an immediate supervisor or someone in authority to help resolve the complaint. Chain of command is important in following an informal resolution process.  For guidance regarding to whom an informal complaint may be directed, refer to the Campus Directory published in the Student Handbook.

Formal Resolution

A formal resolution process entails registering a complaint through the College website. The College will engage the appropriate formal process toward resolution of all such complaints. Students have the option to register a formal complaint should an informal resolution process prove to be inadequate.

General complaint process for Formal Resolution

  1.  A student registers a formal complaint via the website.
  2. The complaint is logged and forwarded to an appropriate contact person.
  3. The contact person follows up with the student within 10 academic days to initiate the resolution process.

Sexual Misconduct (Title IX) Reporting

Report Title IX/Sexual Misconduct here: Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Awareness.

Student Misconduct

Report Student Ethical Misconduct here: Report Student Misconduct.

Anonymous Reporting

Lighthouse, the College’s anonymous reporting hotline:;
via email at:; or
Phone at:
English-speaking 844-990-0002
Spanish-speaking 800-216-1288

Confidential Reporting

Please go to Confidential Resources for more information.

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