Davenport, Iowa, and Port Orange, Fla., Campuses Only

Get On-the-Job Training

The Intern Preceptorship Program is an optional, off-campus educational experience for students in their last trimester or quarter. You'll work with a licensed chiropractor who serves as your mentor.

  • Build upon your academic and clinical experience
  • Gain patient care experience
  • Learn how to manage a private practice

The location of your field training impacts what type of work you may do. An ideal experience would allow you to perform chiropractic adjustments, examinations and X-rays. State regulations may limit your responsibilities to those performed by a chiropractic assistant or observation only.

Intern Preceptorship Program Forms (Pre-Graduate):

Terms to know:

  • The word "preceptor," in reference to this program, means the licensed chiropractor.
  • The word "intern," in reference to this program, means the chiropractic student.
  • "Direct supervision" means that the preceptor must be on the same premises as the intern when the intern is performing any patient care procedure. (This definition may vary by state chiropractic regulations.)


  • Learn office procedures and how to manage a staff.
  • Observe, and at times perform, clinical and business management operations.
  • Gain a lifelong mentor with a successful, prominent doctor of chiropractic.
  • Experience usual and "specialized" treatment protocols such as pediatrics, geriatrics and sports.
  • Create an opportunity for post-graduate preceptorship and/or associate position.
  • Prepare to become a practicing professional by gaining highly practical clinical experience.

Please note that the Intern Preceptorship Program is an educational program, not an employment program. Neither the preceptor field doctor nor the intern should view involvement in the program as an employment situation, and the preceptor should not be dependent upon the intern for office coverage.

Davenport, Iowa, Campus Students Contact:

Julie A. Schrad, D.C., M.S.
Senior Director of Clinic Administration
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Sonya Willers
Administrative Assistant /Clinic Capstone Programs
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Port Orange, Fla., Campus Students Contact:

Leah Andracke, MBA
Clinic Business Director
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Fax: (386) 763-2629
Email: Leah.Andracke@palmer.edu

Miriam Gutierrez
Preceptorship Coordinator
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