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Help an intern or a recent graduate get off to a good start.

Preceptor Program

The Preceptor Programs are optional, off-campus educational programs for qualified students in their last trimester or qualified recent graduates of Palmer College. It allows them an opportunity to gain experience with a Doctor of Chiropractic in the private practice setting. Through a mentorship-type relationship with a licensed chiropractor, a student or recent graduate has an opportunity to gain valuable insight into the everyday management of a private practice. Depending on the location of the preceptorship, they may perform a variety of patient care procedures under the direct supervision of the licensed chiropractor.

In an ideal preceptorship, interns or recent graduates perform chiropractic adjustments, examinations and X-rays. However, state regulations may limit their performance to the duties a chiropractic assistant would perform or to observations only.

Intern Preceptorship Program Forms (Pre-Graduate):

Post-Graduate Preceptor Program Forms:

Visit our Preceptorships page to obtain information on the Preceptor Programs.

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