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Dinos Ramon, D.C.
Dinos Ramon, D.C.

Dinos Ramon, D.C., began practice in his native town of Famagusta, Turkey, in 1967. By 1974 he was able to set up a large chiropractic health center in Pogazi, by the beach, with 64 rooms for visiting patients. His dreams came to an abrupt end with the Turkish occupation of northern Cyprus. He fled to Limassol with nothing and set up practice in a tent at a refugee camp.

Jane Bourgeois, D.C., (PSC 1989) opened the first recorded practice in Turkey in 1993. Although she left after two years, her influence remained. In 2015, the first chiropractic school in the Middle East was opened in Turkey.

For information about the practice of chiropractic in Turkey, visit the World Federation of Chiropractic's website.

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