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Competitive Equestrian’s Improved Performance Sparks Career in Chiropractic

As a competitive equestrian, Elise Bealer learned first hand about the impact of chiropractic care on sports performance. It was her passion for helping others that led her to study at Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Student Elise Bealer overseeing client in Sports and Rehab center.The 10th trimester student from Cincinnati, Ohio says, “Chiropractic manipulative therapy and high-quality sports rehab changed my life by allowing me to become a stronger equestrian athlete. With reduced pain and improved function, I was able to perform at new levels. Chronic pain causes a numb and less vibrant life. This can be prevented and managed! I need to provide for others the gift of enhanced physical ability. Our bodies are meant to adapt, change and grow in the environment around us. Chiropractic is a way to motivate others towards healing and caring for their body.”

Elise knew that Palmer College was going to give her the best education, and while it wouldn’t be easy, she saw the resources available to her. She credits classes such as orthopedic and physical assessment, diagnostic imaging, active care and anatomy for being a staple in her learning. Involvement as a student rep for the Motion Palpation Club, and the supportive community at Palmer Chiropractic Clinics enhanced her academic journey, providing invaluable mentorship opportunities.

“I became a patient in the Chiropractic Rehabilitation and Sports Injury Department during my first trimester here. I could see how dynamic and interactive it was.”

Through hands-on experiences and interactions, Elise’s one-year clinical internship experience broadened her understanding of chiropractic application to sports rehabilitation.

“My time interning in the Sports and Rehab department took my skillset to the next level. The department developed me into a clinician, building confidence and clarity. The professors are truly top notch, teaching students high-quality treatment and diagnostic lessons. This internship gave me a chance to care for a wider population in the active world—from fall prevention in the elderly to professional hockey players. It even gave insight on how to motivate patients to recover from injuries,” Elise explains, “The clinic is a place to create and explore opportunity with a safety net. There are vast and endless opportunities for any technique system, and you choose the outcome of your degree. I am profoundly grateful for the mentors who shaped me during my time in Palmer Clinics.”

Elise encourages future students interested in the Sports and Rehab department to be open to working hard, be available to help people, take time to study your classes, and keep showing up. Elise’s goal after graduation is to get an excellent career started in a multidisciplinary practice and to impact her community.