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Journey to Excellence: Vinny Williams’ Path to Chiropractic Success at Palmer Florida

Student Vinny Williams standing in front of outdoor field.As the former Florida A&M University Director of Sports Medicine, and an athlete himself, fourth-trimester Palmer Florida student Vinny Williams deeply understands the value of chiropractic care.

Vinny, who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in athletic training, and a Master of Science degree in Health and Human Performance with an Exercise Physiology Concentration, is now taking his career to the next level, working toward his Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Vinny suffered spine and neck injuries during his undergraduate years playing football, leading him to explore various treatments.

“The ability to receive a chiropractic adjustment that almost immediately diminishes radiating pains, numbness, and tingling is indescribable,” Vinny recalls.

Despite his prior achievements, he felt a pull towards a career that resonated more deeply with his personal and professional aspirations.

“Making a career change from working in intercollegiate athletics and going back to school was a tremendous decision for me and my wife. Becoming part of a profession that strives to care for and make their patients better in a holistic way pointed me to chiropractic,” Vinny explained.

Even as he navigates his studies at Palmer, Vinny continues to work as a certified athletic trainer on a part-time basis. This dual role showcases his commitment to his clients while embracing his future in chiropractic care.

Choosing Palmer Florida

Vinny’s decision to attend Palmer Florida was influenced by his professional experiences and the reputation of the college. “When searching for a program, I knew I wanted to join one that had a reputation for molding successful chiropractors year after year,” Vinny explains. 

While at Florida A&M University, Vinny worked with a 2012 Palmer Florida graduate on his medical team. “Dr. Jordan is passionate about what he does and is always eager to provide care to the athletes. I wanted to be a part of a profession that positively provided advanced medical care and knew I could achieve this at Palmer,” Vinny recalled. His experience working with Dr. Jordan solidified his decision.

Fast forward to his fourth trimester at Palmer Florida, Vinny is excelling academically and is deeply involved in the Palmer community. He serves as the President of the Palmer Christian Club, the VP of Alumni Engagement for the Palmer Student Alumni Foundation, and is a dedicated campus guide.

The Essence of Chiropractic

For Vinny, chiropractic is about helping the body function as efficiently as possible. “Efficiency can be looked at in different ways and is based on a variety of improvements that can be made through chiropractic care. Getting patients out of a painful situation, improving movement and function for daily activities, improving cognitive functions, and improving biomechanics are all examples of improvements that can increase an individual’s bodily efficiency,” he said. 

Advice to Prospective Palmer Students

Vinny’s advice to anyone considering a chiropractic education is straightforward and heartfelt: “If you are even considering it, then do it!” He emphasizes the rewarding nature of the profession, where a Doctor of Chiropractic can change lives without relying on medications and surgery. 

Student Vinny Williams and wife standing in outdoor field.His biggest advice for students, especially those making a career change, is to be dedicated and take time for personal well-being and family. Vinny also emphasizes the importance of taking advantage of the resources offered by Palmer Florida and the Palmer community. “Everyone is heading towards the same goal so always be open to giving and receiving help/guidance for your classmates and other students,” Vinny added.

Future Aspirations

Following graduation, Vinny envisions creating a treatment and training facility that integrates various medical professionals (chiropractors, athletic trainers, physical therapists, strength and conditioning coaches, nutritionists, sports psychologists, and massage therapists) offering comprehensive care.

Vinny’s journey at Palmer Florida is truly a testament to his dedication and passion for chiropractic care.