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The Green Books

Palmer Green Books

The Green Books are considered the "Holy Grail" of chiropractic and are aptly named because of their distinctive dark green binding. The Green Books, created by D.D. Palmer in 1906, were the first chiropractic textbooks. The Green Books continued with B.J. Palmer and his faculty until 1963.

However, it is important to note that D.D. Palmer's The Science of Chiropractic (1906) was not the first ever chiropractic textbook. He was beaten to it by one of his students, a 1901 Palmer School of Chiropractic graduate by the name of Solon Langworthy. He published Modernized Chiropractic (1906) a month or two before D.D. Palmer, with his faculty members, Smith and Paxson who had opened a competing school called the American School of Chiropractic in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1903. Nevertheless, D.D. Palmer trained these students and laid the foundation for the chiropractic profession.

The Green Books are very important to the chiropractic profession because they document the thoughts and theories of D.D. Palmer, the founder, and B.J. Palmer, the developer of chiropractic. These books are studied in order to trace the evolution of the profession and to aid present chiropractors in keeping to the original principles of the chiropractic discipline.

The descriptions are a summary taken from the article, Bibliography of Green Books in Print, 1906-1985.

To see any of these materials, you can come visit our reading room, located on the first floor of the library.

green book decorative paper

The majority of the early volumes contain a distinctive green vine patterned end paper, which was discontinued in 1947.

Green Books Resources

The Green Books

Volume 1-14

Volume 1
The Science of Chiropractic;
Its Principles and Adjustments

Volume 2
The Science of Chiropractic:
Eleven Physiological Lectures

Volume 3
The Philosophy and Principles
of Chiropractic Adjustments;
A Series of Twenty-Four Lectures

Volume 4
The Science of Chiropractic:
Causes Localized

Volume 5
The Philosophy of Chiropractic

Volume 6
The Philosophy, Science, and
Art of Chiropractic Nerve Tracing;
A Book of Four Sections

Volume 7
A Textbook On Chiropractic
Symptomatology; or The
Manifestations of
Incoordination Considered
from a Chiropractic Standpoint

Volume 8
A textbook in Chiropractic

Volume 9
Chiropractic Anatomy

Volume 10
Text on Chiropractic

Volume 11
A textbook on Chiropractic

Volume 12
A textbook on Chiropractic

Volume 13
A textbook on The Palmer
Technique of Chiropractic

Volume 14
Chiropractic Textbook

Volume 15-29

Volume 15
A textbook on
Chiropractic Orthopedy

Volume 16
Chiropractic Advertising

Volume 17
Malpractice as applied
to Chiropractors

Volume 18
The Subluxation Specific;
The Adjustment Specific;
and Exposition of the
Cause of All Disease

Volume 19
The Known Man or
an Explanation of
"The Phenomena of Life"

Volume 20
Precise, Posture-Constant,
Spinograph, Comparative
Graphs; An Exposition of
Innate Natural Adaptation
Following HIO Adjustment
Proving Measurement
Correction of Vertebral
Subluxations, Corrections
of Abnormal-Normal
Adaptive Curves, As Well
As Curvatures

Volume 21
Modern X-Ray Practice
and Chiropractic

Volume 22
The Bigness of
the Fellow Within

Volume 23
Up from Below the Bottom

Volume 24
Fight to Climb

Volume 25
Chiropractic Clinical
Controlled Research

Volume 26
Conflicts Clarify

Volume 27
History Repeats

Volume 28

Volume 29
Upside Down and
Right Side Up With B.J.

Volume 32-
Unnumbered Volumes

Volume 32
Chiropractic Philosophy.
Science, and Art:
What It Does, How
It Does It, and
Why It Does It.

Volume 33
Fame and Fortune
and The Know-How
and Show-How to Attain It

Volume 34
Evolution or Revolution

Volume 35
History in the Making

Volume 36
Palmer's Law of Life

Volume 37
The Glory of Going On

Volume 38
The Great Divide

Volume 39
Our Masterpiece

Unnumbered Volumes
Correlative Hygiene
Textbook of the science,
art, and philosophy of
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