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Adapt and Overcome

Palmer Students Reflect on Learning During a Pandemic

Experiencing life as a chiropractic student during the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been easy, but like generations of chiropractors before them, today’s students are showing resilience and finding ways to make the best of this time.

“I think this situation is teaching us how to adapt and overcome, because you either give up and quit and don’t get anything done, or you just push ahead with what you have,” says David Clagget, who’s in his 6th trimester at Palmer’s main campus. “I think the professors have been doing a really good job moving online and maintaining order and efficiency with how they’re teaching.”

“During this time, I was able to return home to Ohio, and it’s been nice to spend time with my dad and brothers. I was supposed to get married in June, and instead we got married last weekend!”

Focusing on maintaining a schedule to keep her studies on track, 7th quarter Palmer West student Alecia Stewart has found that “having the ability to re-listen to any ideas or important information that a professor has said has been helpful.”

Preslee Deater, a 6th trimester student at Palmer’s main campus, says “this experience will completely be helpful for my future. I’ve been able to use this time to do things I’ve always wanted to and never had time to do.”

Even though students are practicing social distancing, they’re using technology to study together.

“A lot of my classmates came together and are really supporting each other” says Preslee. “We’re sharing articles and videos to expand our knowledge base and clubs are organizing video chats with speakers. A couple of us in 6th trimester text each other three things we’re grateful for every day. This has really taught me to be grateful and accepting.”

In addition to providing online learning, Palmer is also working to make sure students are equipped with resources to manage their mental and physical health during this stressful time, from referrals to counseling services, to online workout options, and games through social media such as “quarantine bingo” that helps students feel connected to the school and their classmates.

“We all need to learn to be present and not let the anxieties of COVID-19 get the best of us,” says 6th quarter Palmer Florida student Rose Otero. “I try to meditate daily, and it’s been a priority to get some sort of physical activity every day.”

This is the next generation of daring and driven Palmer chiropractors, and we couldn’t be more proud.